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  Belgium: 1,80€
Shipping 2:
  Belgium: 1,80€
  Europe: 6,30€
  Worldwide: 8,70€
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Can't find the colour you want? Custom orders are Welcome!
Please note that these take 1-2 weeks!

Onto the items!

~Paint the roses red~ 10€

Click for more information on Etsy

~Pink Rose Necklace~ 25€

Click for more information on Etsy

~Bird Nest Necklace~ 16€ (2 styles available!)

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~Victorian Head Necklace~ 26€
~Old Pink Rose Ring~

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~Gold Black Rose Ring~ 12€

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I need to make some room in my closet so these manga need to go!
- Suki Vol 2 - 3 Eng
- Saiyuki Vol 1 - 2 Eng
- Le Portrait de Petite Cossette Vol 1 - 2 Eng
- Kasumi vol 1 Eng
- Gorgeous carat Vol 1 (shounen-ai/yaoi) Eng
- L'apprenti mangaka (l'art du manga) French
- The official XXXHolic guide Eng

I also have a DNangel vol 1 in Dutch if anyone's interested.
The prices and conditions of the manga can be viewed on my journal.

I am shipping from Belgium!

- Skip beat manga
- Arashi (Jun/Sho) (preferably from a seller in Europe to avoid expensive shipping)


Handmade jewelery

    Beaded Earrings
    Rose earrings & studs


    Manga for sale

Terms & Conditions


Here are the manga that I'm selling
Please read the terms & conditions first.

Suki Vol 2 - 3 Eng => 6€ per volume / 10€ for both
very good condition
read only once


Saiyuki Vol 1 - 2 Eng => 4€ per volume / 7€ for both
good condition
mark on the pages


Le Portrait de Petite Cossette Vol 1 - 2 Eng =>
good condition
a mark on the side of the pages


Kasumi vol 1 Eng
A Little snow fairy Sugar vol 1

Gorgeous carat Vol 1 (shounen-ai/yaoi) Eng OUT OF PRINT! Name your price.

L'apprenti mangaka (l'art du manga) French: name your price

The official XXXHolic guide Eng => 12€
very good condition
never read


Rose earrings + studs

I try to take pictures as close to their real colour as possible. The monitor of your computer can also change the colours a bit. Please take this in account when ordering.
They can also be made custom to your wishes.

RE01 - Pink with a little touch of glitter 9€

RE02 - 9€

RE03 - 9€

RE04 - Pink with a little touch of glitter 8€


RE06 - black heart studs 6€

RE07 - red with a purple marble effect 6€

RE08 - 8€

RE09 - 8€

RE10 - white roses 12€

RE11 - Inspired by Alice in Wonderland; We're painting the roses red. 12€

RE12 - Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, version 2 - 10€


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:
  • I'm shipping from Belgium
  • Transactions are made by paypal. Bank trasfer is only possible in Belgium
  • Fees of shipping and paypal are not included in the price shown.
  • Shipping fees depend on the weight of the item and the country of delivery. Prices are standard as shown on bpost.be.
  • I don't take responsibilityof lost or damaged items, caused by postal service. I try to pack the items are carefull as possible!
  • Item will be shipped within 3-5 days after receiving payment.
  • If you have any questions, please comment on the post where the item is posted.
  • When ordering please fill in the form below and send it by PM (private message) or mail (riechanster[at]gmail[dot]com)
  • After ordering and receiving, please leave your feedback here


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Shout out to all deco(-den) lovers!!

I'm also the owner of the blog AllAboutDeco and the website with the same name ^^
(trying to gather all tutorials on deco on the internet and making deco lovers meet each other)
Because lately I’m getting the same questions as to where people can find deco supplies in their neighbourhood
I'm trying to make a list gathering all the local and online shops per country/city/.
Therefor I need your help!
Where do you get your deco supplies? Any online shops you recommend. Please also state local shops where you get your clay, tools, rhintestones, anything...

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Anyone who helps will get credit for this! (So don't forget to leave your blogadress and I'll add it once the list is done!)