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I need to make some room in my closet so these manga need to go!
- Suki Vol 2 - 3 Eng
- Saiyuki Vol 1 - 2 Eng
- Le Portrait de Petite Cossette Vol 1 - 2 Eng
- Kasumi vol 1 Eng
- Gorgeous carat Vol 1 (shounen-ai/yaoi) Eng
- L'apprenti mangaka (l'art du manga) French
- The official XXXHolic guide Eng

I also have a DNangel vol 1 in Dutch if anyone's interested.
The prices and conditions of the manga can be viewed on my journal.

I am shipping from Belgium!

- Skip beat manga
- Arashi (Jun/Sho) (preferably from a seller in Europe to avoid expensive shipping)

Handmade jewelery

    Beaded Earrings
    Rose earrings & studs


    Manga for sale

Terms & Conditions

Here are the manga that I'm selling
Please read the terms & conditions first.

Suki Vol 2 - 3 Eng => 6€ per volume / 10€ for both
very good condition
read only once


Saiyuki Vol 1 - 2 Eng => 4€ per volume / 7€ for both
good condition
mark on the pages


Le Portrait de Petite Cossette Vol 1 - 2 Eng =>
good condition
a mark on the side of the pages


Kasumi vol 1 Eng
A Little snow fairy Sugar vol 1

Gorgeous carat Vol 1 (shounen-ai/yaoi) Eng OUT OF PRINT! Name your price.

L'apprenti mangaka (l'art du manga) French: name your price

The official XXXHolic guide Eng => 12€
very good condition
never read


Rose earrings + studs
I try to take pictures as close to their real colour as possible. The monitor of your computer can also change the colours a bit. Please take this in account when ordering.
They can also be made custom to your wishes.

RE01 - Pink with a little touch of glitter 9€

RE02 - 9€

RE03 - 9€

RE04 - Pink with a little touch of glitter 8€


RE06 - black heart studs 6€

RE07 - red with a purple marble effect 6€

RE08 - 8€

RE09 - 8€

RE10 - white roses 12€

RE11 - Inspired by Alice in Wonderland; We're painting the roses red. 12€

RE12 - Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, version 2 - 10€

Beaded Earrings
E01 - 5€

E02 - 4€

E03 - 4€

E04 - 5€

E05 - 4€

E06 - 5€

E07 - 6€

E08 - 6€

E09 - 4€

E10 - 5€

Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions:
  • I'm shipping from Belgium
  • Transactions are made by paypal. Bank trasfer is only possible in Belgium
  • Fees of shipping and paypal are not included in the price shown.
  • Shipping fees depend on the weight of the item and the country of delivery. Prices are standard as shown on bpost.be.
  • I don't take responsibilityof lost or damaged items, caused by postal service. I try to pack the items are carefull as possible!
  • Item will be shipped within 3-5 days after receiving payment.
  • If you have any questions, please comment on the post where the item is posted.
  • When ordering please fill in the form below and send it by PM (private message) or mail (riechanster[at]gmail[dot]com)
  • After ordering and receiving, please leave your feedback here


  • Name:
  • Item: please write the item number here
  • Paypal adress:
  • Shipping adress:
  • Any questions:

Feedback Post
Hi everyone!
Could you please leave feedback after you received an item.
Please state the item you got and the type of transaction you made

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Negative: 0

Shout out to all deco(-den) lovers!!
I'm also the owner of the blog AllAboutDeco and the website with the same name ^^
(trying to gather all tutorials on deco on the internet and making deco lovers meet each other)
Because lately I’m getting the same questions as to where people can find deco supplies in their neighbourhood
I'm trying to make a list gathering all the local and online shops per country/city/.
Therefor I need your help!
Where do you get your deco supplies? Any online shops you recommend. Please also state local shops where you get your clay, tools, rhintestones, anything...

Forms under the cut!Collapse )

Anyone who helps will get credit for this! (So don't forget to leave your blogadress and I'll add it once the list is done!)

It's decided!

This livejournal will be used for random fandom posts. I don't know if it will be updated much but that's what you can expect on here!
Fandoms you can expect here:
J/K/T Drama
Crafts involving these fandoms
Arashi ^^

*insert happy jun*

(gif not mine)

(I need to find out how to set my own gifs for those mood things!)


How obsessed am I with Arashi

list is from: http://nofareli.livejournal.com

My answers are red and bold ^^.

1. you were baited by Jun-kun.
2. anything over 49kg is “fat”.
3. the best dancer in Johnny’s is Ohno, period.
4. you’re forever daydreaming and imagining…about Arashi and you.
5. you save for NatsuCon…the whole year, 2 years, 10 years, etc.
6. only true idols get extremely popular after putting stockings over their head, wearing nipples shirts and daisy dukes.
7. you’re envious of the Arashi FC members.
8. you’re envious of anyone that lives in japan.

9. every time a new single comes out, you bounce around the room in joy and watch the PV (promotional video) 19074546 times.
10. despite how poor you are, somehow you manage to buy all albums/singles.
11. the first kanji you memorized is 嵐 - “arashi”. Nope, I learned a bit of Japanese before Arashi, so "一" was the first one I learned but  嵐 is the most difficult one I can memorize ^^
12. and then the kanji of all the members’ names.
13. when speaking japanese you only know “male” dominates words such as “omae” “umai” “kuse”.
14. eating expired food is not crazy at all, but funny.
15. when someone mentions ‘Bambi’, it’s Sho or Jun that you think of, not the Disney movie.
16. no matter how many times, you always cry when watchign Aiba read his letter on 24 hr TV.
17. you want a pet and his name is Momo. or Junpon ^^
18. you name things after Arashi such as pets, computers, your external HD.
19. The Sims is a game you started just so you can have characters named after Arashi.
20. the best university in all of Japan is Keio, period.
21. you’ve bought a baby blue DS.
22. you didn’t know Jun was the youngest. I'm a fan, how can I not know?!
23. you didn’t know Ohno was the oldest. I'm a fan, how can I not know?!
24. before Arashi, S&M was disturbing. Now it’s just an everyday part of life.
25. one of the main reasons your computer lives is to download Arashi stuff.
26. you’ve cried after your hard drive crashed.
27. no matter how many times you burn things off, your hard drive is always full.
28. you’ve sat your friends down and began the history on Arashi. (and made them obsessed too *muhaha*
29. your friends can put names to faces.
30. when asked if you have a boyfriend, you have casually said “yes” and pictured one of the members.
31. you wish that Johnny’s stuff wouldn’t be so expensive.
32. spent it 5 minutes after you vowed this because a new photo album came out.
33. there is an Arashi photo that you see everyday - on a car, pencil case, wallet, planner…
34. your cell phone wallpaper is Arashi.
35. your cell phone ring tone is Arashi. (depends on who's calling, now it's Troublemaker and Monster0
36. Aiba has the best English in all of Japan. And the funniest!
37. December 24th is not Christmas Eve, it is “Aiba’s Birthday”.
38. when going to karaoke you sing at least 1 Arashi song. AT LEAST.
39. when singing in the car or anywhere, you MUST follow the hand motions during the chorus… .
40. you’ve been jealous of animals. (only in Shimura Doubutsuen.)
41. you read “asahi” as “arashi”.
42. the best actor in Japan is Nino, period. In Asia! Period! And Ohno!
43. short guys is DEFINITELY okay
44. guys with bad skin is okay too
45. guys skinnier than me, that’s okay too
46. Arashi is the best group, ever. when someone says “captain” or “leader”, the first person you think of is Ohno.
47. sometimes you hear “Nino” instead of “Nemo”.
48. therefore you buy Nemo things thinking of Nino.
49. Ohno should be a world-renowned artist.
50. you’ve come to tolerate/love other Johnny’s artists because of Arashi.
51. you’ve pulled all-nighters to wait for videos, scans, reports.
52. sometimes you wonder if Arashi are idols or comedians or cute little kids.
53. you start off with a favorite Arashi song, but soon after you can’t decide.
54. you plan on going to Japan because of Arashi. Yes!
55. you start giggling to yourself after finding something “Japanese”.
56. when you meet someone Japanese the first thing you want to do is ask is whether they know Arashi. Yes! ^^'
57. Nino should be a professional song writer.
58. the only man that can pull off a belly button ring is Sho.
59. neon-colored suits are completely acceptable for any occassion.
60. when someone says “tension” you think “Aiba.”
61. your parents know Arashi songs and the members’ name.
62. gotten into a fight with siblings about Arashi.
63. have arashi posters but won’t put them up because you’re afraid you’ll ruin them. I put them in plastic folders and stick tohose to the wall that way I don't damage the posters ^^
64. when people pronounces Nino’s name wrong it annoys you.
65. like to yell out “YEAH!” at the end of things.
66. like to yell out “DO IT!” as your motivation.
67. fancams are heaven sent.
68. you buy CDs but listen to download versions because you don’t want to open your album copy.
69. you wish you could befriend Ohno’s mom.
70. many times you have looked down at their pants and have been pleasantly surprised. Now you can’t stop looking there.
71. you are envious of people like Inoue mao, Suzuki Ann and Ayoi Yu.
72. you have gone down the list of “requirements for arashi’s girlfriend/wife” and started to change certain aspects of yourself so you have more points.
73. Guys who paint their nails are okay.
74. Don’t mind the fact that the guy owns 100000X more clothes than you.
75. Watching several Japanese variety shows a week without understanding any Japanese, just to watch their faces is absolutely normal.
76. You don’t listen to English songs anymore because you listen to Arashi all the time. (Okay, say 80% of the music I listen to is Japanese, the rest is musical :D)
77. You get to have a new set of friends (online) because of Arashi.
78. The songs you play over and over again in your mp3 is Arashi’s.
79. Ordered Skinny Latte coffee takeout from Starbucks so that they can write “SK” on the cup and told them your name’s “Ohmiya”.
80. Guys who can cross their legs are totally acceptable.
81. You watched Gokusen / Kimi Wa Petto / Bambino / Tokyo Tower / Hana Yori Dango 1&2 / etc. just for MatsuJun. Yes!!!
82. Guys kissing / hugging each other / holding hands is no problem now.

55/82 - 67 % obsessed Lol, not that bad :D

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